Avian Kingdom Literacy Tours

Encourage students to read with the help of our dual language Literacy Tours presented by our award-winning team. It is fun for all grades and we tailor the presentation around what students are learning in the classroom. These tours outline objectives in:

  • Dual-Language Reading & Learning
  • Motivation through Music & Gamification
  • STEM & Environmental Awareness

Our literacy tours are educational presentations featuring live readings, mascot interactions, book giveaways and live musical performances. During the presentations, we discuss everyday life lessons, like the challenges of learning and the importance of reading, and environmental issues, such as endangered avian indicator species and energy sources.

Each tour can be customized to include the Avian Kingdom Feathered Tales characters, educational hip hop artist, Guero Loco, and/or the Last Chance Forever's birds of prey. Sign up at http://LiteracyTour.AvianKingdom.com. See below for more information on these individual tours and how that can be brought to your schools.


  • Literacy Tours: Avian Mascots

    Literacy Tours: Avian Mascots

    With the Avian Kingdom Feathered Tales, comes the Avian Kingdom feathered friends. Our mascots, Captain Eagle, Dr. Hoots, Vladimira and Malture,…

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  • Literacy Tours: Birds of Prey

    Literacy Tours: Birds of Prey

    Avian Kingdom has partnered with Last Chance Forever to provide a one-of -a-kind show featuring live birds of prey. It…

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  • Literacy Tours: Music Performances

    Literacy Tours: Music Performances

    The Avian Kingdom partners with bilingual hip-hop artist, Guero Loco, bring an exciting musical performance to students across the nation.…

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